Kahaani 2

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Telling a socially taboo story on screen is a tight walk and many times it just falls into the documentry kind of narrative. Probably that could be the reason why many mainstream filmmakers avoid treading into that path. Still Sujoy Ghosh made an effort to bring that sensitive topic into the racy narrative with "Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh" but unfortunately he was let down by the incoherent screenplay. When a screenplay falters even Aamir Khan also can't save a film (E.g Mangal Pandey), so despite being called as Female Aamir Khan, Vidya couldn't take the film to the winning post single handedly. I tried to watch "Kahaani 2" as a stand alone film but I got to sense the "knot" in midway itself and when it was confirmed that my guess turned out to be right, there was no further interest in watching the rest of the movie. That pretty much sums up where "Kahaani 2" failed. Even though the makers claim the demonetization and the excess baggage that was carried by the fantastic "Kahaani - 2011" as the reasons for its underperformance at the box office, the real reason why you want to rush through Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh was the feeble screenplay despite the noble intentions. Vidya scores fully by outshining everyone else in the cast... No two ways about it, but Vidya alone can't make a mediocre movie success. Hope the actor rediscovers her uncanny knack of selecting deadly scripts, which is missing with her these days. Still there are people who like to watch her on screen and it is the matter of time till she bounces back. My prayers are with her. And.. the social taboo discussed in the movie was... Child abuse by the relatives.

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