Most of us have this habit of using the available public internet (e.g Office WiFi or our host's WiFi) for downloading the movies / softwares / TV shows or Porn stuffs via torrents. I am aware that the torrent downloads can be traced by the ISPs but I was under the impression that it can be narrowed down upto the connection on whose name the Internet connection is obtained. But today I got to know a simple way to track / monitor the torrent downloads done by the individual machines.. that too in a simple manner without the need of any additional software installed.

The one that doesn't kill you makes you stronger - Neitzsche. When I was asked to upgrade the hosting plan which costs me $ 84 per year, I would have upgraded happily few years ago because it was monetised with Google Adsense then, but since the blogs are in Tamil (Non-English language) the Adsense account was revoked. So for the past few years I was spending on the webhosting as a means of hobby / entertainment out of my pocket. But this new plan is not that much worthy to spend, considering the fact that my blogsite had crossed its prime time and the number of visitors had come down considerably. So I just want to have a hosting just to save my domain name for future.

Webhost Migration

Recently my webhosting provider had sent a mail that since my account is taking huge amount of disk space (ACK comics - flipping books as well as APK file), the account HAS TO BE moved to VPS (Virtual Private Servers). Since I couldn't afford to pay that much amount, I am moving to free hosting by stripping off those features. Past few days had been spent in 'practising' the migration to the new host and I think I had learnt it to the level of passing the muster. Once completely moved, I'll write simple tutorials for migrating a Joomla site. So enjoy the online comics and save the APKs before they are pulled off on 12th Sep 2016.

I use 4KDownloader to download all the videos in the playlist from the YouTube. When there happens to be lot of videos in the playlist, there used to be a problem. The files take lot of time to parse and there is no option to download individual files on priority. So it is either all or none. When I looked for web based alternatives for this functionality, I came across this useful website - which gives an option to download individual videos / playlist / Channels.

When all my Northie friends were making fun of me about the Tamilians' "Kabali" fever, I was mouring the fact that Kickass torrents was shutdown. It had been a wonderful source of software, tutorials, comics besides the usual movie downloads and porn stuffs. I remember stumbling upon Kickass torrents in 2011 while searching for Amar Chitra Katha comics. Till then I was  with Picktorrents as a novice to the torrent downloads. Once I got into using Kickass, I never looked outside for source of torrents. For the past 6 years I visited KickAss Torrents twice a day religiously.

The love for my kid Buttu is making me learn some new things. I learnt about mass downloading the videos from the Youtube channel when he wanted the videos from Fun2Draw channel and it helped a lot in honing his drawing skills. Now he is crazy about the Sita (played by Madirakshi Mundle) and drawing only Sita all these days. So I wanted to get him the episodes of "Seethaiyin Raman" for his offline viewing. Had they been hosted in Youtube I would have downloaded like a charm, but these days all the Star TV's episodes are hosted in their own video channel called Hotstar. There was no browser plugin to download those videos and after some Google search I came across this script to download the Hotstar videos. Like I care for you all by sharing whatever good things I get, this tutorial is also for you all.

WiFi File Transfer is a free Android app to transfer files from Android phone to PC and from PC to Android phone over wifi. You can easily access all the files stored on your SD card. Just install the app on your Android phone and then launch the app to get the browser link. Now enter the same browser link in your PC browser. You will see all your SD card data. From there you can easily transfer data from PC to Android or vice-versa. The app also tells you the device status which includes total space available and battery level. You can also delete and move any file and you can even create a new directory on your SD card.

I seriously thanks for the few souls who checked in to my almost abandoned website. Some of them might have noticed that I had moved on to Wordpress for a brief period and now I am back to Joomla again. Over the period of time I had been concentrating on the "look" of the site rather than concentrating on the "content" despite knowing well that "substance" is what drives people to any website, not the layout. I started taking components and templates from various "nulled scripts" site again knowing that "there is no free lunches" and there will definitely be any hack on the scripts through code injection. I was not serious about them because I don't have any sensitive information like Credit Card or Bank details on my site. But that affected the SEO maintenance badly. Whenever I check my webmaster tools, I get lot of malicious links like "http://www.maheshwaran .com /calipsy_pharma" which is automatically generated by the malicious codes.

As you all know that any gmail user can login to YouTube and upload their videos for sharing with the world, there are zillions and zillions of videos available on YouTube. Sometimes we might think of downloading all the videos uploaded by a user or playlist or the subchannel of an user. I use the "VideoDownloader" addon of the Mozilla Firefox to download the videos. However more the number of videos, more tedious and cumbersome it becomes.

Since I spend my prime time in office and travel, blogging suffered but became active in Facebook thanks to the mobile integration. On searching similar stuff for Joomla, I came across Joooid - an Android platform for Joomla but it didn't support K2. So the content migration took a while and a learning experience. Hoping to be active as much as possible.... we

JaxtrSMSஎன்னடா இந்த பையன் அடுத்த Android post போட்டிருக்கான்... அவன் கிட்டே smartphone இருக்குறதை காமிக்கிறானோன்னு நினைச்சுக்காதீங்க... இன்னைக்கு காலையிலே ரொம்ப யதேச்சையா இந்த Android app-ஐ பார்த்தேன். Deccan Herald பேப்பர்ல ஒரு மூலையிலே குட்டியூண்டா Hotmail founder-ஆன சபீர் பாட்டியா தான் புதிதாக உருவாக்கிய JaxtrSMS என்ற அவருடைய free SMS application நல்ல வரவேற்பை பெரும் என்று நம்புவதாக சொல்லியிருந்தார். நமக்கு தான் Android, application-ங்குற வார்த்தைகளை பார்த்தாலே கை உதற ஆரம்பிச்சிடுமே. உடனே எனது mobile-ல் download செய்துபார்த்தேன். சரி! அது என்ன JaxtrSMS?

Monitor Power OffThis small utility will be very useful for those having their laptops. A small issue with the laptops is that you can't control power for the monitor seprately. If you use your laptops for downloading large files, to listen music in background when you are engaged in some other work, then you might have felt the monitor unnecessarily taking the power. I tried to use a customised power plan to switch off the monitor but it switches on the monitor even on a slight tilt or accidental hit on the keyboard. Today I came across this small application which I found extremely useful, so I couldn't resist sharing this application with you all. You can download this very small (32 KB) utility from here. No need of installing. Just double click it, it is ON. You can add this to Windows start up menu by pressing the [+] button and remove it from auto start up by clicking the [-]. The best part is that immediately switches off the monitor while the ongoing activities keep continuing on the background and doesn't switch on again on the light / minor sensory movements in the mousepad. So I am sure that this tiny utility will be definitely useful for my laptop user friends.